Good News forHomeowners Who Face Ant Pest 

Ants are the most prevailing pests in the US, and they come in various sizes and shapes. Most species of ants thrive in sunny weather though they can survive in any weather condition. In America, you can find over one thousand species. The most common ones are; Argentine ants, fire, carpenter black house, ghost, and pavement ants. Most homeowners face this ant infestation issue, and in certain weather conditions, they thrive more. If you face an ant pest swarm, contact pest control in Beaumont Texas, for professional pest treatment and maintenance.

100,000 species

The sting of fire ants is painful. They build large swaps of over 100,000 ants and destroy vegetation. They are a potential threat to humans for agonizing sting and destructive nature. A colony of ants may consist of over half a million ants. If you do not take professional help to eradicate them, the colony increase in size over time. If not controlled properly, it can creep through the wooden fences and enter your home silently. If such a situation arises at your place, immediately contact pest control Lumberton, tx, for effective treatment and prevention. A survey conducted in 2011 stated fifty-four out of a hundred homeowners face ant pest issues.

Odorous carpenter ants

Out of the thousand species, some persistently infest in homes and offices, 62% are odorous, as the name suggests. They scent like decayed coconut when crushed. The most common species of ant pest is carpenter66%. They do not chew wood by creating grooves by excavating, causing structural damage. Ants are mostly found in bathrooms, kitchens, basements, and bedrooms. Ants are attracted by food, mainly sugary substances, as monsoon is their mating season. You will find tons of them. Ants create colonies inside your home, around fences, and under the floor. These tiny creatures can live in wall cracks, window ridges, and openings at doors.

Could trigger anaphylaxis

Though ants are not vectors of disease, most homeowners consider them a nuisance. The sting of ants is painful, particularly to children, but the bite of a bullet ant is overwhelming and considered as most throbbing insect bite on earth. Ants are not filthy as flies, but still, they could contaminate food. They carry germs from garbage to your kitchen and other places. Some people are allergic to ant stings which could trigger anaphylaxis, a life-threatening allergic condition. Carpenter ants can cause structural damage, though not intense as termites; preventive measures could save a lot of damage and resource.

Crucial that you assume

Ant control is more crucial than you assume. You want a healthy home where kids and pets can play peacefully; inside, there could be carpenter ants, and outside, fire ants both disrupt your experience of bliss. If you run a café or restaurant, a row of ants creeping through the dinner table could ruin your reputation. The pest control company strikes a balance between the ant control system and the environment, and most companies offer five to ten years warranty depending on the service provided. Regular service prevents further infestation of ants and keeps your place, whether business or residence, healthy.

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