How to Build a Home in Just 7 Steps

There’s good news for anybody looking to build a new home in Thailand because, the process just got a whole load easier. If you’ve already started to plan how you’ll go about getting your home build project done, on time, to budget, and to your satisfaction then you’ve probably got a list of tasks that seem to go on forever. Either that, or you’re not quite sure where to start, both of which are perfectly normal however, if you structure your project list to just 7 steps, you should find the process a little easier to manage.

  1. Design your home

Piecing together a comprehensive design of your home is easier than ever before because, you can use software to create 3d models of your home before moving on to the next step. Your home’s structure can then be built, using either existing standard house plans, your own modified existing plans, or unique plans that you create yourself.

 Get your build site ready

Before anything can be delivered, or constructed you’ll need to make sure that the build area is prepared, this may entail levelling the ground, or simply clearing the space in which your home will be situated.

  1. Lay your foundations, and services supply

The first build stage is to lay the foundations on which your home will stand, and to lay pipework, or cabling for your home’s services supply. This stage normally includes things like pipework for your water supply and cabling, if you want to have fiber optic broadband servicing your home.

  1. Receive delivery of your homes structure

Your home will then be delivered in sections which have been carefully constructed to the highest house building standards, using pinpoint accuracy to ensure a quality product.

  1. Position and install your home’s structure

Now your home can be positioned on your land and the structure sections can be installed and secured as per the required construction standards.

  1. Apply surface materials to walls and install fixtures and fittings

Your home can now start to come to life as you apply the surface materials to your homes structure, and you can start to feel at home as your fixtures and fittings are installed.

  1. Inspect your home to ensure complete satisfaction

Once your homes finishing touches have been carefully installed, it will be ready for you to inspect to ensure that you are 100% happy with the quality, and the workmanship.

As easy as that

If you keep things simple and employ the help of specialist house builders (known as สร้างบ้าน in Thai), then you should be able to build your home using the 7-step home build process, giving you more time to enjoy your new space.

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