How To Interview A Cleaning Company

You should be clear with any cleaning company Buffalo NY you hire about what you want them to do. Standard cleaning includes sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping. You might also want them to clean the kitchen, remove stains, and wipe down surfaces.

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Ask Questions

Before hiring a cleaning company Buffalo NY, ask them some questions. This will help them understand what needs to be done in your home and your expectations. For example, requesting a house cleaner to vacuum the carpets may require more information if you want them to remove stains and wipe down the cabinets. Also, it is crucial to determine if they use environmentally friendly cleaning products, as this may be an essential consideration for you.

Janitorial and building cleaners keep commercial, office, retail, and residential buildings clean. They clean floors, windows, lobbies, bathrooms, and kitchens. They often work in the evening and on weekends. They also clean outdoor spaces, such as parking lots and walkways.

Ask for References

Written testimonials are excellent, but a live reference says much more about a cleaning company Buffalo NY. A connection that agrees to be called during a work day, when they are busy with other customers and their own business, to answer questions about your company is a powerful statement. These clients are so satisfied with you that they are willing to inconvenience themselves, and they will share that satisfaction to help your business grow.

When asking a potential cleaning supplier for references, ask targeted and open-ended questions. For example, you should know about punctuality, friendly customer service, flexibility, and whether or not they went the extra mile in the past. You could also ask if they would re-employ or recommend the housekeeper for a similar position. Be clear about the type of work you want to be done; both parties must be on the same page. For example, “cleaning” may mean vacuuming for your house cleaner, but for you, it might be scrubbing cabinets and wiping down the refrigerator.

Get an Estimate

A professional cleaning service usually charges homeowners by the hour or square footage. This depends on the size of the house and the services requested. A general estimate will include sweeping and vacuuming floors, dusting, and mopping surfaces in the living areas. It may also include scrubbing sinks and bathtubs. Deep cleaning is more thorough, removing more grime and cleaning different places, like the attic.

The cleaning company Buffalo NY should provide you with an estimate before starting any work. This should include a breakdown of all the tasks, costs, and estimated time. You should also ask if the cleaner is insured for liability and workers’ compensation. They should also give you a list of references from past clients and any memberships or certified industry training they have completed.

A reputable cleaning company should be reliable and able to clean your home promptly. In addition, you should communicate clearly with them so you both understand what is expected.

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