The Top five Reasons to Use a desk foot rest

When looking for an ergonomic chair, an adjustable desk, or a complete ergonomic setup, it’s easy to ignore your legs and feet in favor of your back, shoulders, and neck. If your feet and legs aren’t adequately supported, though, you risk damaging your circulation and developing long-term health issues.

That’s why we highly recommend you order a desk foot rest with your ergonomic chair. Although the footrest has always been connected with the living room and salon, we believe that no ergonomic setup is full without one. Here are the top 5 reasons why:

  1. Footrests are ideal for shorter people.

Even though chairs are explicitly intended for diminutive users, a footrest is an excellent method for smaller users to benefit from ergonomic seating without limiting their options. The best way to get the most out of an ergonomic chair is to sit with your feet flat on the floor, which can be challenging if you’re a small person. On the other hand, a foot rest allows shorter users to maintain their feet flat and their weight appropriately distributed, even if their chair can’t get low enough for them to touch the ground.

  1. They’re also beneficial to everyone.

However, you don’t have to be tall to benefit from the increased circulation and blood flow that a footrest provides. A footrest can help avoid blood clots caused by deep vein thrombosis, relieve pressure on the lower back, and reduce edema and varicose veins by lowering pressure on the legs. Is there a waterfall edge missing from your chair? In that situation, a foot rest is required to alleviate the discomfort and circulatory issues that might arise from sitting for long periods.

  1. Active sitting is encouraged by footrests.

More and more research is proving that sitting idle all day is terrible for your health. A footrest, fortunately, can be a terrific way to encourage mobility and active sitting. Foot Machines by Human scale stimulate a rocking motion that keeps your legs moving, your blood flowing, and your feet comfy.

  1. They also work well with an adjustable desk.

But just because you’re standing doesn’t mean that a footrest isn’t a good option for you. The UPLIFT Desk E3 Adjustable Footrest is great for users who are still adjusting to their moveable desks. A practical footrest can help users stand 30% longer, making sure that you maximize the health effects of standing while you work.

  1. They’re also great with a height-adjustable desk.

However, just because you’re standing doesn’t rule out the use of a desk foot rest. The UPLIFT Desk E3 Adjustable Footrest is great for users still getting used to their adjustable desks. A functional footrest can help users stand for 30 percent longer, ensuring that you get the most health benefits from standing at work.

How to find the best desk footrests online

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